How do I choose the diamond of my dreams?

We understand this purchase is a very important decision. You need to see a see an expert who can advise you on the choices available within your budget, and you may want to examine several stones so you can find the prefect one for you.

By meeting clients by appointment only, in London or Antwerp, we will make sure you can get the optimal diamond for your budget and we can showcase how much further your money will go by buying direct.

The main diamond office and showroom are in the diamond district of Antwerp where Diamond House have membership of the Diamond Bourse.

In London, Diamond House have offices in the Royal Exchange in the heart of the City – we are easy to reach and located in impeccable premises!

In Antwerp is the diamond trade office, and this is very different to a retail store! The focus here is on loose diamonds and custom-made jewellery. Diamond House deals direct with the diamond cutters in Antwerp and we hand-make each piece.

The benefits we provide:

  • Higher quality diamonds for your budget – This includes premier cut and ideal cut diamonds that meet your chosen Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity criteria
  • Fancy coloured diamonds – the most rare and exclusive diamonds.
  • Individual handmade designs tailored to your design – from the hands of Master Goldsmiths,
  • Largest selection of diamonds from the worlds diamond market place
  • Competitive prices for high-value diamonds, typically saving up to 40% when compared to many branded designer jewellery shops
  • Best cut-quality, premier cut diamonds at direct from Antwerp prices


All our diamonds (from 0.35 carat upwards) are accompanied by a worldwide accepted diamond grading reports from internationally recognised bodies such as HRD, GIA, AGS or IGI. We hand select only well-cut diamonds as the diamond Cut proportions determine how well a diamond sparkles.

Unlike many online retailers, we buy and sell each diamond with expertise and like to meet you to discuss your needs as well as let you choose from a selection of loose diamonds so that each item is tailor-made for you.

From design to your dream

You may already know exactly what you want – but if you don’t – no problem!

We have three easy steps to make your dream come true.

  1. Explain what design you like, or even what you don’t like! Say the shape of the diamond you prefer and your target budget
  2. We will send you an image and an estimated price.
  3. Upon agreement between us for the price and the exact details of the jewel, can we send you a 3D-video to bring your design to life.

Our initial conversation helps us to understand what you have in mind for design and diamond specifications and your budget. We then send you images from our large database as references to guide you through the design process.  If you want to see the design in full 3d glory, we can send you a life-like 3D image of your creation.

We specialise in diamond solitaires including: round brilliant diamonds and fancy diamond shapes including: princess cut, pear shape, emerald cut, cushion cut, asscher, radiant cut, oval, heart shape, marquise shape, baguette cut diamonds and more. Have a look at our page on Diamond Shapes to see which one you prefer.

Our in-house team of designers, platinum-smiths and goldsmiths can design and create any style of jewellery that you like or we can just supply the loose diamond if you prefer. Bespoke design and creation is standard and we provide the jewellery-making at cost as added-value to our diamond clients.

By combining the best of certified diamonds with tailor-made designs we give you the best quality Antwerp diamonds, ethically sourced with the convenience of selecting in the UK.